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Selecting A Lender

Selecting a Lender


Your Realtor will be helpful in selecting a mortgage lender that best fits your needs.  His experience with various lenders will assure you of finding a mortgage professional that will know how to move the process from application to closing.

What’s Important

It’s important to check the rates of at least three lenders and interview all of them to make sure they are a good fit and will work hard for you during the buying process and will be responsive to your calls and emails.  You want a lender that is a problem solver and not a product pusher.

Red Flags

A lender that does not walk you through the entire process and is slow to return your calls is a lender you need to fire immediately.  If you are not a priority for him, your loan may be delayed thus delaying your closing.

Action Items

Interview at least three lenders and ask them to pre-qualify you for a mortgage.  During the interview, be sure to use the checklist provided.

Links To Additional Resources

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